Je vais écrire quelques mots en anglais pour des Américains rencontrés au cours de mon voyages. Ils m'ont demandé  une vue de la Tour Eiffel, en cadeau,  je leur ai fait une photo de plus,  le  Pont des Arts.

Hello my new American Friends !

I went to Paris yesterday. By a very warm afternoon, I took the picture of the Eiffel Tower and the Pont des Arts, which is a very famous foot-bridge over the Seine, between the Louvre and l'Institut de France.
Today, we have our national day : the 14th of July : the Bastille Day. For this occasion,our elderly rocker : Johnny Holiday will give tonight a concert under the Eiffet Tower, unfortunately, I don't know if you can watch it in live, but, surely, you'll be able to see it in a few days on internet. You'll be able to see the Eiffel Tower... full of lights !

Take care

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